Bemyoda seems to go a little deeper...resulting in material that is poetic, autobiographical and flagrantly emotive.
— Clash Magazine, UK

Bemyoda is a singer/songwriter and photographer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He was named on UK-based Nataal Magazine’s One’s to Watch list for 2016. 

His debut EP, Sketch, first released in June 2013 was re-recorded live in Nashville, Tennessee, and re-released in December 2015 as “Sketch: The Reprise”, generating rave reviews from press in Nigeria and parts of Europe. In 2014 he appeared as himself in the second season of the NdaniTV hit television series, Gidi Up. 

In May 2017, he released the audio and video for I Told You, the lead single off his debut album, Stark. The song debuted as No. 1 on the Tidal World Music chart, No. 5 on Tidal Rising, and No. 8 on Tidal Pop. Stark was recorded in 4 cities in Nigeria and USA: Abuja, Lagos, Cleveland, and Nashville. Produced by Atta Otigba, Amos Kantiok, with additional production by veteran Nashville-based producer Paul Scholten, the project smoothly swings from simple folk melodies to haunting jazz influenced tunes, and sets Bemyoda in a distinct space all by himself.


With Stark Bemyoda delivers a body of work that is distinctly mysterious and emotive, exploring territory that's been largely uncharted on the African music scene.  

In seeking to tell multilayer stories Bemyoda hosted the Lagos edition of The Stark Exhibition in May 2017. It was a first-of-its-kind album listening that created an interactive and immersive experience. The exhibition featured images inspired by songs from the album. 

Bemyoda’s music and photography explores themes of hope and conflict, love, humanity, and his Christian faith.

Photography by Francis Adole