Simple New Things

I’d never met Ilźe Mybourgh or Silja Frey. Never. Not before (Daniel) Etim Effiong introduced me to them about a year ago.

They listened to Forever and what ideas we had for the video and decided they wanted to be on the project. Ilźe became like an angel, doing way more than she needed to, driving us around Cape Town, making sure everything worked as it should’ve. (She has a son called Ben) *wide grin* I didn’t get to meet Silja in person until two weeks ago. The most pleasant soul. We’d worked mostly via Skype.

And Daniel. We went to Engineering school together, before he became a hit as an actor. He’s one very determined person. It was a blessing to have him on as Director. And he made a short cameo too.  

You should’ve seen this video before anyone else did. Ideally. But MTV Base thought it’d be great if they had an exclusive premiere before we showed it anywhere else, and we thought it was a great opportunity so we took it. Well, “We” was mostly me. 

Please watch and share and talk about it. You can leave a comment on YouTube, or you could send me a reply here as well. Whichever works.