Sketch: The Reprise

Exactly one week ago Clash Magazine UK graciously agreed to premiere the video for my song Always. So far we’ve got pretty reviews from sites in France, Italy and some other parts, and a modest 17,000+ views (VEVO + YouTube). If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch here

The Always animation was created by Dan Ungureanu and Alma Cazacu, both Romanian, with additional help from Brian Wilson, who’s as Nigerian as his name isn’t. We wanted to tell a story as simple and evocative as the song is. A few people have said they shed a tear watching it. Mission accomplished. 

Now to other amazing stuff. “Sketch: The Reprise” is out! And on the same day as Star Wars! (Think Yoda!) And just in time for Christmas! It’s a re-release of my first EP with additional production and re-mastering by Paul Scholten. He put some sweet Nashville stuff in trust me. 

Sketch was always that — a sketch, rough, unfinished, a prelude to something fuller, to a more complete image. A body of work good enough to give a sense of my direction as an artist, yet devoid of completeness. Something clear enough to let the observer see basic forms and perspective, yet begging to not be used as total definition of my creative intent or ability. 

And yes, it’s on iTunes, and Soundcloud, and everywhere else soon if not already. Please click here to get it.