A Stark Conversation With Nigerian Alternative Artist, Bemyoda

Bemyoda is not your typical Nigerian artist. His sound is a mix between alternative and folk and if you live in Nigeria, you know this is not a genre you hear gracing our radio waves. However, despite having a niche sound – Bemyoda who released his EP ‘Sketch’ a few years ago has remained true to himself in his highly anticipated debut album; ‘Stark The Album’. Originally from Benue State, the artist introduced his latest project with a unique album listening experience. Using multi-media; photography and sound – the talented artist used visuals to put his lyrics into context and bring them to life.

Black and white images of children in their element were captured and framed – lining the walls of the Red Door Gallery in Lagos, beautifully. Guests who came to the exhibition got to listen to the music, along side the photos which were accompanied by song lyrics. The experience was powerful and poetic – quite like the artist himself.

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