Bemyoda’s ‘Stark’ Is Aiming For Your Soul

If you know as at all, then you know we have been stanning for Bemyoda since forever! We’ve celebrated the release of every single, kept our fingers on the replay button of his previously released (and re-released) EP, gushed over every video, cried over heart-wrenching song lyrics, and greatly anticipated (and by this I mean we’ve held our collective breaths, shamelessly begged, offered bribes) the release of his LP. We are, without question, unapologetic Bemyoda fans! And with good reason.

A few days ago, Bemyoda’s Stark, the album, finally dropped, and oh my, was this worth the wait! Recorded in 4 cities: Lagos, Abuja, Cleveland, and Nashville, Stark, the 10-track album is everything we want from our music. It is joy, and sadness, and peace, and hope, and love, and breath. From the folkloric melodies of Long Way from Home, to the tears-inducing lyrics of Burn, and the foot-stomping, finger-snapping rhythms of The Other Side of Fear, Bemyoda takes us on a journey through life’s many detours. We love every moment of it.

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