With The Stark Exhibition, Bemyoda Creates An Immersive Multimedia Experience

After announcing that his debut album, which has been in recording purgatory for five long years, finally getting a well deserved roll out on the 9th of June 2017, singer Bemyoda announced that in collaboration with Red Door Gallery, he was organizing an immersive multimedia exhibition of sorts, featuring memorabilia from the making of the album. Artists often use these catchphrases to drum up anticipation for their projects, so when I decided to go see the exhibition for myself over the course of the three days it held, I went with some skepticism.

For Bemyoda, Stark is in many ways a passion project. It features a sound that many Nigerian music pundits would argue is not commercially viable, and its songs littered with lyrics either inspired by personal anecdotes and actual autofiction set to music. There was already a lot laid out for us to ruminate on, but with the Stark exhibition, Bemyoda peels off another layer, to allow us see beyond the music to the actual experiences that have inspired the album.

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